What beverages can we have?

Bella Vespa can serve Beer, Prosecco, wine and soft drink beverages. We have 3 taps to pour from.

Do you charge for drinks?

No. Clients are required to obtain their own beverages and we can pour from our 3 taps. It's beneficial for our clients as they can get the best deal. As a courtesy Bella Vespa can pick those items up for you.

I see you can serve gelato. What flavors are there?

We get our gelato from Gelato Fiasco in 6oz. cups. They provide over 20 flavors. I can send you a list of their delicious flavors where can select your own.

Can I decorate Bella Vespa for our event?

Of course! We do have props to help or you can provide your own and we can help decorate.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes we have liability insurance. All our staff is Safe Serve certified.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Dave and Ellen